My Boss Has Something Planned That Involves a Platinum Party Bus in Toronto

When my boss asked me to research a company that can provide a platinum party bus in Toronto, I was really curious why he wanted this. He has asked me to reserve limos for him before, but it was always either for him and his wife or for a visiting executive. This was the first time that he had asked about a party bus though. I went to the same company website that I use for his limos, and I looked at the different party buses they have in their fleet. I was surprised to see that there are so many different ones that hold anywhere from 18 people all the way up to 50 people.

I asked him how many people he wanted on this bus so I would know which one to look at. When he told me at least 40, I knew that this was going to be something for all of us, because there are 40 of us that work here. He would not tell me anything more about it, other than he wanted me to get the details. he also told me to make sure that I got the nicest one as well.

That was not a problem, because they are all really nice! When I looked at the ones that would hold at least 40 people, I was amazed at the luxury that I saw. The floors are hardwood, the seats look super comfortable, and there is a bar where we would be able to have water, juice and soda for everyone to drink. The sound system would be able to play any music that my boss provided, and the lighting system would make the bus look like party central. I reserved the bus, and I cannot wait to find out what we are using it for!