Cartoon Heroes Come to Life

The kids in my neighborhood really love the Ninja Turtles. They watch the cartoon every week and play with all the toys. They remind me of me when I was a kid, playing with my turtle toys and watching the cartoon. I even had some turtle clothes. The turtles ride around in a van outfitted with high tech gear for fighting crime. I thought it would be cool if I, along with 3 other parents, dressed as the turtles and use a party bus Toronto limo as a party van.

First we had to make sure that we could find a party bus that would work as a party van. We contacted a local company and asked us if they could provide us a bus in green, and they actually had one available. Once the bus was secure, we started thinking about costumes. The costume store sells adult sized turtle costumes, but these costumes are so quality that they look more like turtles that have been melted in the microwave. One of the parents had a wife who does a lot of sewing and volunteered to make turtle costumes for us. By the time she was done, the costumes looked like the characters had come to life.

The parents gathered all of the kids in one location and when the bus arrived, they started cheering. We popped out of the bus in our turtle costumes and started doing ninja moves. The kids ran up to us and wanted to take pictures with us. I practiced doing some flips before the event and did two back to back in front of the kids, which made them go wild. To top it off, we had a green turtle cake for the kids to eat. It was a fun day, but I was worn out by the end. Wearing a turtle costume for hours can make a person really sweaty.